Brazilian Connection was designed to help foreigners to learn the language in an easy and professional way!


At Optimum you can learn Portuguese and be familiar with the cultural aspects of Brazil. Our method is proven to effectivelly work for any nationalities and the learning methodoly is dynamic and focused on pronunciation and fluency.



Portuguese for Foreigners. Brazilian Connection.


Two levels comprising two books and audio CDs. The speakers are native professional narrators who posses the best and clearer pronunciation and accent of all regions of Brazil. The content of the course focuses on different leasure and professional contexts. Brazilian Connection is also recomended for those who are coming to Brazil for business or leasure activities such as the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games.


Its a fast and objective course that will amaze you for its content and easy-to-grasp exercises. The proposal is to add interactivity using online exercises as extra material together with dialogues and cultural notes.


The students may take individual classes or join a group of students according to their availability and our bilingual teachers.


Level 1 will take 50 hours and may be taken on a daily basis or according to the school schedule and urgency of the student


Send us an e-mail for a free quote. Don' t forget to mention how long you intend to take the course